How to add Google Plus Commenting System on Blogger

Just like Facebook comment box Google also provides Google Plus commenting system to blogger blogs. Nowadays social media's have more impact than newspapers, the number of social media users are huge and increasing day by day. So, if you want to get rid of the oldest and ugly blogger comment box, I strongly recommend you to use Google plus commenting system in your blog.

Why Google Plus commenting system

Google+ is a popular social network which has millions of active users worldwide, we can use this popularity to get higher exposure to our blog. Integrating Google+ comment box is very easy and it has more features compared to default comment box

More comments, good and keyword rich comments are always good in terms of SEO, if someone posts a reply from Google+, it will show below your blog post which means comments from Google+ will automatically display on your blog

Less spam, blog spamming is one of the biggest problems for a blogger. You can reduce spam comments by enabling Google plus commenting system in your blog because visitors will no longer get the option to sign in using OpenID or make comments anonymously this will avoid spam comments

Stylish, Google+ comment box is more simple and look more stylish than the default blogger comment box

Easy to comment, almost everyone has a Google account, there is no need to give details like website's address or email address to submit a comment if they already logged in

Get more traffic, Google Plus commenting system increases the social media interaction, social media's have a significant role in deciding the ranking of a website. More social media interaction means more SEO advantage and higher ranking

The author of the post will get a notification when the post get a comment or readers share the post

I will explain how to implement Google plus commenting system in two steps

1. If you're using blogger profile switch it into Google+ profile 

2. After switching Turn on Google+ comments

How to switch to Google+ profile:

Log in to your account and select the blog you want to add Google+ comment box, then from dashboard go to settings and navigate to user settings. Under 'General' click on Google+ and 'save setting'

Now accept the terms and conditions to switch the account. After switching your account, Google+ profile will show as author details instead of Blogger profile, which will help you to get more followers.

How to switch to Google+ profile

How to turn on Google plus comment box:

Again from dashboard navigate settings and click on 'post, comments and sharing'. Under 'Google+ Comments',choose "Yes". At the top right, click Save settings

To turn off the Google+ comments follow the steps above but instead of Yes select "No"

Points to be noted before switching the account

The visitor should have a Google+ account to comment

If you used default Blogger comments, it will remain on your blog. Other commenting systems might not be kept when you switch into Google plus comments

Are you trying to get a new domain for your blog? Get it before switching to Google plus because if you change the domain of your blog, you'll loose all comments

Your blog's comments will disappear when you stop using Google plus comment box but they may continue to appear on Google+

Final word

I will suggest you to try different methods to your blog and select the most suitable for you. I prefer Google+ comments system over Facebook comments because of less spam and helps in overall SEO of the blog.

Hope the article helped you, which commenting system is more suitable for your blog? Why?


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